AUSSTTRAMEL Real Estate can assist you from the beginning through to the end, simplifying the entire process with our trust, commitment and knowledge.



Step 1

Strategic Meeting

  • Explore a property Strategy that suites you and the desired outcome
  • Thorough research of the different opportunities available and determine what works for you


Step 2

Site Identification & Planning

  • AUSSTTRAMEL Real Estate will assess the sites available and source your requirement
  • Provide you with Pre-Purchase advice including the objective and knowledge of a particular investment


Step 3

Due Diligence

  • The purchaser is required to undertake due diligence of a property before you buy as the vendor’s warranties are generally of limited nature.
  • The extent of the due diligence is determined by the property’s nature, location, your proposed use and/or development and your funding arrangements.


Step 4

Acquire Your Investment &
Transacting Successfully

  • Decision is based on facts and figures with a planned strategy thus an agreement is made with the terms of sale and accepted by all parties involved.


Step 5

Sit back & let your Investment Grow

  • In this time AUSSTTRAMEL will review your initial strategic plan, monitor and forecast on current/future market movement to assist you with reaching your desired outcome.


Step 6

Sell or Settle

  • Depending on your desired outcome; you may choose to sell your investment to cash in on profits or;
  • Settle and develop the site to further capitalize on your investment, AUSSTTRAMEL Real Estate can assist you all the way throughout the development and new estate management.